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Glue - Fabric & Embellishment

Looking for the best Glue to bond rhinestones, beads, feathers & embellishments to fabrics and other components?  Choose from our impressive range of textile glue's including brands names including Aleene's, Beacon, E6000, G-S Hypo Cement and more.

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This multi-surface adhesive dries incredibly fast, strong and clear. Perfect for mixed media and safe for paper crafting

Product Code: SKU21879
Price: $14.95 including GST

Permanently holds hard-to-hold jewels and embellishments on fabric through repeated washings.

Product Code: SKU21826
Price: $5.95 including GST

6 mini tubes per pack - Perfect to use for rhinestones, gems, glitter and more!

Product Code: SKU21825
Price: $16.95 including GST

Prevents Fraying on Fabric and Ribbon

Product Code: SKU21755
Price: $11.95 including GST

Water-based adhesive that is nontoxic and machine washable

Product Code: SKU21688
Price: $17.95 including GST

Industrial strength adhesive that bonds fabric and hard-to-hold embellishments

Product Code: SKU21229
Price: $9.95 including GST

The writer tip applicator allows for personalization and adding designs like dots and squiggles - Sprinkle glitter or lightly press beads into wet glue

Product Code: SKU21143
Price: $6.95 including GST

Pack of 3 includes: 1 each of No-Sew, Jewel-It & OK To Wash-It Adhesive Glue (0.66 fl oz each bottle)

Product Code: SKU20893
Price: $9.95 including GST

Pack of 3 includes: 1 each of Original Tacky, Fast Grab Tacky & Quick Dry Tacky Glue (0.66 fl oz each bottle)

Product Code: SKU20892
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A superior formula for bonding hard-to-hold jewels and embellishments onto fabrics

Product Code: SKU20457
Price: $8.95 including GST
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