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Gem-Tac Embellishing Glue - 4oz (118.29ml)

Design with Rhinestones, Pearls, Sequins, Glitter & More

Add a bit of BLING to everything!
• Perfect for slick to porous surface applications.
• Great for bonding lace, fabrics, trims, & decorative wire to glass, ceramics, patent leather, wood, vinyl, leather, and more.
• Excellent for attaching rhinestones, gems, mirrors, pearls and other embellishments to a wide variety of materials.
• Permanent, water-based, non-toxic & washable.
• Requires only a small amount to hold; dries clear.
• Creates wonderful wearables, gifts, home décor, and can also be used for general household repairs.

Helpful Hints
• Poke a hole in applicator tip with a large paper clip to release a more precise line of glue. To cover larger surfaces, snip tip near top.
• For easier application, use a "tip" pen point (available in craft stores) that screws on to tip and allows greater control over the amount of glue.
• Easily cleaned with water when wet. Remove dried Gem-Tac from clothing by dry cleaning.
• Requires only a small amount to really hold; position item gently (NO PRESSING HARD) to prevent oozing or soaking through.
• Gem-Tac's unique formula actually gets STRONGER when exposed to heat from the dryer.
• Always pre-wash fabrics to remove sizing; clean slick surfaces before applying Gem-Tac.

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