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Glue & Sealants

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Formulated to work with Ice Resin Leather Cord to secure leather into endcaps.

Product Code: SKU22407
Price: $5.95 including GST

This multi-surface adhesive dries incredibly fast, strong and clear. Perfect for mixed media and safe for paper crafting

Product Code: SKU21879
Price: $14.95 including GST

Vintaj Glaze is a clear top coat and patina extender for Metal

Product Code: SKU21828
Price: $14.95 including GST

A high performance adhesive formulated especially to give a flexible water resistant bond to difficult-to-glue surfaces

Product Code: SKU21202
Price: $15.95 including GST

Add a glass-like dimensional layer to cards and stamped designs. Also ideal for holding glitter and tiny beads

Product Code: SKU20458
Price: $9.95 including GST

Use it to add glitter; mica; and various other mediums to glass; wood; paper mache; metal; plastic; ceramics and more

Product Code: SKU20422
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Vintaj Glaze Metal Sealer & Patina Extender x 15ml Bottle - Gloss

Product Code: SKU20252
Price: $8.95 including GST

Vintaj Glaze Metal Sealer & Patina Extender by Ranger Gloss x 59ml Bottle

Product Code: SKU19685
Price: $14.95 including GST

Gloss, Seal and Protect Jewellery

Product Code: SKU19656
Price: $21.95 including GST

Bring your artwork to stunning, three-dimensional life. Dries clear with a glass like finish

Product Code: SKU19397
Price: $12.95 including GST
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