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Metal Complex Leather Strop

This tool allows you to maintain the edges of your blades.
Stropping the blade re-aligns the indentation without removing any of the blades and is better for your blade than honing.

CRYSTAL BICONE BEADS - Preciosa Crystal - Gemtones 6mm x 18 CRYSTAL OCTAGON - Light Yellow x 14mm *SECONDS* CZECH GLASS RONDELL DISK SPACER BEADS - Hematite 4mm x 25
CZECH GLASS SEED BEADS - Size 11/0 - 1 Hank x Bright Silver CZECH GLASS SEED BEADS - Size 8/0 - 1 Hank x Rainbow AB DANGLE CHARMS - Styled by Tori Spelling - Hematite Teardrop Chains x 110mm