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Metal Sealant

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Vintaj Glaze is a clear top coat and patina extender for Metal

Product Code: SKU21828
Price: $14.95 including GST

Seals all your surface applications to preserve it just right, and keep you clean if you're wearing a piece as jewellery.

Product Code: SKU21404
Price: $11.95 including GST

Vintaj Glaze Metal Sealer & Patina Extender x 15ml Bottle

Product Code: SKU20252
Price: $8.95 including GST

Vintaj Glaze Metal Sealer & Patina Extender by Ranger Gloss x 59ml Bottle

Product Code: SKU19685
Price: $14.95 including GST

Jewelry Shield™ x 1/2 oz Bottle - Shield sensitive skin from jewellery irritation

Product Code: SKU18368
Price: $13.95 including GST
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