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Vintaj® Natural Brass

Vintaj Natural Brass Findings and Filigree
undergo a meticulous 7-step hand-embellishing
process before it reaches you, the customer.
The process is eco-friendly, enhancing the natural beauty of the brass.
Vintaj products are not antique plated or chemically treated.
They are nickel free and lead-free compliant.

With intricate detail & fine-lined etching, each piece has its own unique rich colour
and luster, identical to the look of Vintage Brass.

For an added protection, we recommend Renaissance Wax.
It forms a durable, lustrous protective coating which guards against humidity, heat, dust and ordinary wear.

The Beadsmith Pro Quality Craft Wire in Vintage Bronze is ideal for all your Vintaj Brass creations!

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Cherished Adornment - Rose Gold & White Gold

Product Code: SKU22463
Price: $20.95 including GST

Santa Fe Market - Deep Turquoise, Malachite, Pyrite

Product Code: SKU22462
Price: $20.95 including GST

French Riviera - Coral, Sandstone & Turquoise

Product Code: SKU22152
Price: $20.95 including GST

Key West - Fire Opal, Golden Agate & Green Opal

Product Code: SKU22151
Price: $20.95 including GST

Vintaj Glaze is a clear top coat and patina extender for Metal

Product Code: SKU21828
Price: $14.95 including GST

Vintaj Natural Brass 25ga - Altered Blank - Small Circle With Ring x 12.5mm (1/2")

Product Code: SKU21282
Price: $1.40 including GST

Vintaj Natural Brass - Fastenable - Triplasian Leaf 30x24mm

Product Code: SKU21065
Price: $1.60 including GST

Vintaj Natural Brass - Fastenable - Filigree Flower x 20.5mm

Product Code: SKU21064
Price: $2.00 including GST

Vintaj Natural Brass - Fastenable - Gearwheel x 20mm

Product Code: SKU21063
Price: $1.90 including GST

Vintaj DecoEmboss Die - Nouveau Roses

Product Code: SKU21046
Price: $15.95 including GST
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