Impressart Metal Design Stamps ~ Latitude and Longitude - Pack Of 4

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4 Piece Pack - Sizes 1mm and 5mm

Impress Art Metal Stamping Tool - Design Stamp ~ Latitude and Longitude Stamp Pack

Character size:  1mm & 5mm
4 Piece Metal Stamp Pack
Length: 2.5" (63.5mm) long


  • Open Circle, 1mm
  • 1 Line, 1mm
  • Dot, .5mm
  • 2 Lines, 1mm

Leave a lasting impression on your artwork!
These metal stamps are designed with the jewellery maker in mind.
They are precision-cut from hardened steel and will last project after project. Simply use a hammer to impress the design into a metal blank; clay; wood; leather; or other soft material.
Each stamp has a 2-1/2 inch long shaft that is clearly labeled on one edge.

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