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Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning and care for your Jewellery

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Ideal to clean dirty, tarnished jewellery and silverware

Product Code: SKU23120
Price: $14.95 including GST

Perfect material for polishing all types of metals

Product Code: SKU23071
Price: $17.95 including GST

Make your copper jewellery shine again without rubbing or buffing

Product Code: SKU22912
Price: $14.95 including GST

Factory Seconds - Reduced to clear as outer packaging is slightly damaged

Product Code: SKU20863
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Instantly cleans sterling or silver, gold, copper, brass, fine & costume jewellery

Product Code: SKU20862
Price: $19.95 including GST

For use in Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning Machines.

Product Code: SKU20751
Price: $14.95 including GST

Excellent for PMC and other applications where a softer bristle is preferable

Product Code: SKU20355
Price: $19.95 including GST

Selvyt cloths have a soft, no-lint surface that cleans precious metals, crystal & silverware without scratching

Product Code: SKU19848
Price: $5.95 including GST

It removes deep scratches from soft metals & is used for finishing aluminum

Product Code: SKU19619
Price: $10.95 including GST

Restores metal to a fine finish

Product Code: SKU19617
Price: $9.90 including GST
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