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Clean up your favourite jewellery pieces fast by using a Polishing Cloth or a Jewellery Cleaner
Here you'll find a variety of  cloths to clean silver, remove tarnish and help keep your treasured keepsakes looking like new.

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Safely cleans gold, silver, brass, copper, jewellery, flatware, hardwood, hollowware & many other surfaces

Product Code: SKU17995
Price: $7.95 including GST

Perfect for removing fingerprints from gold, silver, crystal or any other polished surface.

Product Code: SKU18649
Price: $5.95 including GST

Especially formulated for Precious metals and gems - removes Tarnish instantly and completely!

Product Code: SKU17994
Price: $14.40 including GST

Make your copper jewellery shine again without rubbing or buffing

Product Code: SKU22912
Price: $14.95 including GST

Safely Cleans Pearls, Opals, Soft Stones, Costume and Antique Jewelry, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Product Code: SKU20863
Price: $19.95 including GST

Instantly cleans sterling or silver, gold, copper, brass, fine & costume jewellery

Product Code: SKU20862
Price: $19.95 including GST

Excellent for PMC and other applications where a softer bristle is preferable

Product Code: SKU20355
Price: $19.95 including GST
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