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Glues & Adhesives

Glue for jewellery making & repair, crafts & hobbies

Our large variety includes Fabric Glue, E6000, Glue for Metal & Glass, Leather Glue & more.

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Formulated to work with Ice Resin Leather Cord to secure leather into endcaps.

Product Code: SKU22407
Price: $5.95 including GST

This glue is ideal for repairing furniture, frames and other wood items

Product Code: SKU21878
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Permanently holds hard-to-hold jewels and embellishments on fabric through repeated washings.

Product Code: SKU21826
Price: $5.95 including GST

6 mini tubes per pack - Perfect to use for rhinestones, gems, glitter and more!

Product Code: SKU21825
Price: $16.95 including GST

Water-based adhesive that is nontoxic, machine washable & dry cleanable

Product Code: SKU21688
Price: $17.95 including GST

This adhesive is ideal for adhering glass, stone, metal, plastic, wood, and most other types of beads.

Product Code: SKU21532
Price: $9.95 including GST

Industrial strength adhesive that bonds fabric and hard-to-hold embellishments

Product Code: SKU21229
Price: $9.95 including GST

A high performance adhesive formulated especially to give a flexible water resistant bond to difficult-to-glue surfaces

Product Code: SKU21202
Price: $16.95 including GST

Instant adhesive works on metal, glass and beads. Bonds non-porous & semi-porous materials in seconds. Will not run, dries clear.

Product Code: SKU20922
Price: $7.95 including GST

Great for filling gaps. The extra thick consistency of Zap Gel keeps it from dripping or running

Product Code: SKU20686
Price: $8.95 including GST
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