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Leathercraft Tools & Supplies

Leather is one of the most versatile art mediums known.
It can be molded and shaped, decorated with tools, coloured, laced, glued and sewn.
Here you will find a range of Leathercraft Tools and Supplies including
Stamps for embossing Leather, Hole Punches, Adhesives, Rivets & more.

Leather Works by Fernando DaSilva

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EuroPunch Metal ~ Leather Hole Punch Plier x Round 1.8mm

Product Code: SKU18103
Price: $22.95 including GST

Double Hole Metal ~ Leather Punch Tool - 1.5mm & 2mm

Product Code: SKU17931
Price: $18.95 including GST

Wooden Mallet for removing dents and flattening of metals

Product Code: SKU17852
Price: $9.95 including GST
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