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Metal Punch Stamping Sets - 1.5mm

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Alphabet Letter and Number Metal Punch Stamp Set - Upper Case Typewriter x 1.5mm

Product Code: SKU19608
Price: $35.95 including GST

Use to stamp metal (copper, silver, brass & more) as well as clay, wood, plastic & leather.

Product Code: SKU19190
Price: $32.95 including GST

Alphabet Letter Metal Punch Set - Gothic Lower Case x 1.5mm

Product Code: SKU19105
Price: $32.95 including GST

1.5mm Alphabet Letter Metal Punch Stamp Set - Upper Case Typewriter

Product Code: SKU18431
Price: $29.95 including GST

Metal Stamping Tools are great for personalizing jewellery & craft components!

Product Code: SKU18181
Price: $33.95 including GST
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