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Miscellaneous Jewellery Tools

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Use it to prevent fraying and tangling while you're working on your projects

Product Code: SKU21222
Price: $6.95 including GST

Strengthening thread for pearl knotting & sewing buttons

Product Code: SKU21042
Price: $5.95 including GST

Bead Knotting Tool

Product Code: SKU20981
Price: $16.95 including GST

Can be used to apply Adhesives, oils, gel mediums.

Product Code: SKU20340
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For scribing, marking on metal, glass, plastic, ceramics and more

Product Code: SKU18666
Price: $11.95 including GST

Metal Stamping Tool - Copyright Symbol x 3mm

Product Code: SKU18433
Price: $21.95 including GST

Jewelry Shield™ x 1/2 oz Bottle - Shield sensitive skin from jewellery irritation

Product Code: SKU18368
Price: $13.95 including GST

May be used to make flat stock or wire stock from scrap metal.

Product Code: SKU18237
Price: $69.95 including GST

Easy Ear Wire™ Tool - Make your own Ear Wires

Product Code: SKU18230
Price: $46.95 including GST

Sold individually or in a Pack of 12 - Suitable for acid, flux, epoxy, glue, paste, touch-ups, solvents & more
"Add to Cart" to choose quantity required

Product Code: SKU18119x1
Price: $0.90 including GST

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