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A heavy cast iron base keeps holder and ring from moving during soldering

Product Code: SKU21850
Price: $22.95 including GST

Measures: 5-1/2" x 2-3/4" x 1-1/4"

Product Code: SKU21543
Price: $30.95 including GST

Replacement Metal Pins for Mini Honeycomb Soldering Boards - SKU21205

Product Code: SKU21257
Price: $7.95 including GST

Measuring 3 inches in diameter, each tray is packed with two ceramic boards per box plus 20 Metal Pins

Product Code: SKU21205
Price: $24.95 including GST

Used to stand over an alcohol lamp or Bunsen burner to keep wax pot warm

Product Code: SKU20540
Price: $22.95 including GST

Honeycomb Soldering Board

Product Code: SKU19021
Price: $20.95 including GST

Heetrix Soldering Platform

Product Code: SKU18132
Price: $79.95 including GST

Non-asbestos fireproof material is fibrous so it is soft enough that one can pin objects on the surface for perfect soldering

Product Code: SKU18131
Price: $15.95 including GST

Transite Soldering Board - 6" x 6"

Product Code: SKU18130
Price: $28.95 including GST

High Heat Tolerant Third Hand Soldering Station with clamps for holding work.

Product Code: SKU17930
Price: $79.95 including GST
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