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Wire Working Tools

You may also be interested in the Wirework Pliers for shaping and coiling or the Wubber Mandrel Pliers

Wireworking Pliers            Wubbers Pliers

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THING-A-Ma JIG - Beginner Kit

Product Code: SKU17867
Price: $12.95 including GST

Create your own wire designs for Jewellery, Paper Arts, Home Decor and more

Product Code: SKU17929
Price: $29.95 including GST

Makes a consistent size 1.5mm loop every time. Cuts & Loops Wire 24-18ga

Product Code: SKU20413
Price: $45.95 including GST

Learn the beginning principles of Wire Wrapping using Round Wire with 116 detailed step-by-step picture instructions!

Product Code: SKU21591
Price: $8.95 including GST

Multi Wire Mandrel - Makes 4 shapes in 23 sizes.

Product Code: SKU17942
Price: $13.95 including GST

Makes a consistent size 3mm loop every time. Cuts & Loops Wire 24-18ga

Product Code: SKU22489
Price: $46.95 including GST

Clear, step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions show you exactly how to select the best wire and findings plus more!

Product Code: SKU21915
Price: $14.95 including GST

Beadsmith Round Your Wire Tool for smoothing wire ends

Product Code: SKU17869
Price: $14.95 including GST

Wooden Mandrel Set for Wire Forming

Product Code: SKU19558
Price: $11.95 including GST

Econo Twist N Curl - Create Wire Beads, Coils & Jump Rings

Product Code: SKU18745
Price: $16.95 including GST
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