DAZZLE-IT COTTON WAX CORD - Round Light Emerald x 1.5mm

DAZZLE-IT COTTON WAX CORD - Round Light Emerald x 1.5mm
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Pieces per Pack: 5 Yards (4.57 Metres)

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Dazzle-It Cotton Wax Cord

Colour:  Light Emerald
Size:  1.5mm
Length:  5 yards (4.57 metres)

Cotton Wax Cord is made from thick colored cotton that has been glazed with wax to prevent fraying.
The wax glaze gives the cord a slight sheen when examined closely but it’s not sticky.
Cotton Wax Cord is a terrific alternative to Leather or Suede Cord. The more the cord is used, the softer and more flexible it becomes.

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