Riveting allows the artist to join metal sheet or blanks without the use of heat or soldering.
It is a great way to enhance hand stamped jewellery.
Rivets and accessories can be found here

Beadsmith Center Punch


Ideal for closing rivets and eyelets.

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Ez-Rivet - 1/16" Rivet Tool Kit - Punch and Flare Hollow Rivets


Pierces Metal and sets semi-tubular Rivets & Eyelets

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Impressart Crystal Setter Kit with Birthstone Crystals


Kit Includes: 3 Crystal Punches & Rhinestones

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Impressart Double Hole Metal Punch Tool - Large 3.9mm and 3.1mm


Impress Art Two Hole Metal Punch Tool - Large 5/32" & 1/8"

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ImpressArt Jewelers Rubber Bench Block 4" x 4"


Use for Metal Stamping, Shaping & Rivet Setting

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Impressart Crystal Rivet Setting Kit



Sets ImpressArt Crystal Rivets or comparable 5mm - 10mm

Wubbers Riveting Kit By Gwen Youngblood



Includes 28 Page Instructional Booklet