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8mm - 8" strand approx 25 Beads

Lava Beads

Size:  8mm
Colour: Silver
8" strand - approx 25 Beads per strand

These intriguing beads, adorned in jewellery and cherished for their aesthetic appeal, are believed to possess unique properties that can promote physical and emotional well-being. Lava beads are formed when molten lava cools rapidly after being released from volcanoes. This rapid cooling creates a porous surface that absorbs essential oils, making them an ideal carrier for aromatherapy. The beads are said to retain the fragrance and therapeutic properties of the oils, creating a convenient and stylish way to enjoy their benefits throughout the day.

But the healing potential of lava beads doesn't stop at aromatherapy. Some believe that the unique energy they possess can help balance and harmonize the body and mind. Whether worn as a bracelet, necklace, or even as earrings, these beads are thought to promote emotional stability, protect against negativity, and encourage grounding and stability.

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