Patinating With Liver of Sulphur

Liver of Sulphur is a solution or gel used to change the pigment or finish of metals or other media to create durable colouring effects. It can be used to embellish jewellery, stamped items, findings or filigree.

Liver of Sulphur

With Ultra Polish Pads or degreasing soap, remove oils and residues as they will affect the patina.( If you tumble polish your piece after patinating, remove the used shot for future patinated jewellery pieces ).

Prepare the Liver of Sulphur per manufacturers’ instructions.
Dip the metal into the solution for a few seconds, then rinse the metal in cool water to stop the chemical reaction.

For a darker patina, continue to dip and rinse. You can vary the patina with a Brass Brush and soapy water.
With Liver of Sulphur, you can also achieve different colours of patina by varying the temperature and amount of water.

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