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#11 needles ideal for bead embroidery. The tip is slightly rounded to avoid splitting the thread

Tulip Beading Needles

4 Needles per pack
Size: 11 - Ideal for beading & bead embroidery. The tip is slightly rounded to avoid splitting the thread
Thickness and length:  0.41mm x 48.5mm

They come packaged in a neat, little vial.

Based in the Hiroshima region, an area famous for making needles, Tulip has a history of making the needles that customers rely on.  Since their founding, they have primarily manufactured sewing needles, crochet hooks and knitting needles.

The needles are made through a process consisting of over 30 steps, using traditiional needle making techniques that have been handed down through generations of skilled Tulip needle craftsmen, each of whom has an almost stubborn obsessions with quality.

Distinctive features and the allure of the Hiroshima needle:

  • A quality eye - the needles have a somewhat larger needle eye, with a smooth surface both inside and out.
  • Strong body - With just the right amount of flexibility, the needles are resistant to bending or breaking.
  • Sharp Point - the needle's points have undergone special high-density abrasive polishing treatment for sharpness.
  • Smooth piercing enables easy sewing - You can stitch for hours with less fatigue.


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