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For picking up items which are too small to lift and place with your fingers

Beadsmith Pick-It-Up Vacuum Tool

The BeadSmith Pick-It-Up Vacuum Tool is used for picking up items which are too small to lift and place with your fingers.  Ideal for rhinestonesbeads, and pendants.
The tool reduces hand strain and all but eliminates the need for tweezers. 
It will not leave a sticky residue on components like other products that use wax tips.
Once the unit is running, rotate the Power Control wheel and adjust the suction power to the desired level.
After determining how much power you need, place the tip of the angled pen against the tiny component and cover the release hole with your index finger.
This will complete the seal and enable you to lift the item.

It features a non-skid base and measures 5 ½" x 3 ¾" x 3 ¾". Also included is an attachable rubber tip that will allow you to easily lift bigger pieces.

View a demonstration here

More video demonstrations on our tools can be found here


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