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Jeweller's Grade, crystal clear, self-doming.

ICE Resin - 8oz kit

Jewellers Grade Glaze Crystal Clear Resin


  • 4 oz (120ml) Part A: Ultra Pure Resin
  • 4 oz (120ml) Part B: Hardener
  • 8 x Mixing Cups
  • 8 x Stir Sticks
  • 2 x Spout Caps
  • Instructions

The doming resin kit is what we use for all our jewellery grade applications. This product is crystal clear and self-doming. You can use it for freestanding projects such as a doll or marionette head or with a mold to make dimensional pieces. If used in a bezel it will dome and magnify whatever is inside.


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Model # IRR50483

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