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Ideal for stamping Stainless Steel

Impress Art Alphabet Letter Metal Punch Set - Premium Newsprint Upper Case x 3mm

Includes 7 Bonus Stamps

Leave a lasting impression on your artwork!

ImpressArt Premium Stamps are manufactured specially for use on soft and hard metals including Stainless Steel.

Simply use a hammer to impress the design into a metal blank.

Each stamp has a 2-1/2 inch long shaft that is clearly labeled on one edge.
The actual stamped impressions are 3mm tall.
The entire set comes in a plastic storage case.

This package contains 28 metal stamps including uppercase letters from a-z, the ampersand & 6 design stamps.

Impress Art Stamps are rated for use with soft metals including brass, copper, aluminium, nickel silver, silver, and gold.

They can also be used to stamp Stainless Steel, wood, clay, card stock, wax, mat board and more.


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