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Lowercase 1.5mm

ImpressArt Alphabet Letter Metal Punch Set - Basic Sans Serif Lower Case x 1.5mm

These metal stamps are a great, economical way to get started with Metal Stamping.
The entire set comes in a plastic storage case.
They are precision-cut from hardened steel and will last project after project.

Simply use a hammer to impress the design into a metal blank.

Each stamp has a 2-1/2 inch long shaft.
The actual stamped impressions are 1.5mm tall.

This package contains twenty-six metal stamps including the letters a-z plus the question mark (?)
These stamps have no markings on the shank for identification or orientation.

They come coated with oil to prevent rust (simply wipe clean and avoid contact with water).

Impress Art Stamps are rated for use with soft metals including aluminium, pewter, alkeme, copper, brass, and nickel silver.
They can also be used to stamp wood, clay, card stock, wax, matboard, and more.

They are not rated for steel, stainless steel, chrome, or other hard metals.


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