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Pack includes 432 birthstone crystals

Impressart Birthstone Crystals - Mixed Pack

Add a sparkle of colour and meaning to your hand-stamped pieces with birthstone-coloured crystals. To set these flat back crystals into soft metal surfaces, use the corresponding size crystal setter punch from ImpressArt's Crystal Setter Kit.

This mixed pack includes 432 birthstone crystals, 12 of each colour in each size (1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 4mm).

How to Set Crystals

Hold crystal setter flush on blank. Strike with medium force until a round indentation is formed on the blank. Secure flat back crystal inside stamped impression with G-S Hypo Cement or your favorite jewelry adhesive, and allow to dry. Note: Non-jewelry adhesive may leave a haze effect on the crystals.

  • Garnet – January
  • Amethyst – February
  • Aquamarine – March
  • Diamond – April
  • Emerald – May
  • Alexandrite – June
  • Ruby – July
  • Peridot – August
  • Sapphire – September
  • Pink Tourmaline – October
  • Topaz – November
  • Zircon – December


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