Beadalon Beaders Tool Kit With Storage Pouch x 7 Pieces



Includes Round & Chain Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, Tweezers, Bead Scoop, Snips & Storage Containers

Beadsmith 1-Step Big Looper Plier - Trim and Loop Wire In One Step



Makes a consistent size 3mm loop every time. Cuts & Loops Wire 24-18ga

Beadsmith Color Id Chain Nose Pliers x Aqua



Create angled bends in wire, close bead tips, open and close jump rings and form loops

Beadsmith Color Id Pliers - 3 Piece Set



Set Contains Round Nose, Chain Nose & Side Cutter Pliers

Beadsmith Color Id Round Nose Pliers x Green



Create loops, eye pins, clasps and jump rings, coils and curved bends.

Beadsmith Double Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Pliers



European quality with comfort grip

Beadsmith Double Nylon Jaw Replacements For Round Nose Pliers x 1 Pair



Replacement pair for round nose plier

Beadsmith Economy Flush Cutter Plier



Economy Flush Cutter Plier wth comfort grip

Beadsmith Leatherette Storage Pouch - For Jewellery Pliers



Create your own tool kit with a BeadSmith zippered, leatherette case!

Bracelet Bending Plier - Nylon Jaw



Bracelet Bending Plier - Nylon Jaw

Crimp Forming Pliers



Plier used to crimp beads

Double Notch Crimper Pliers



Has two forming cavities to tighten 2-3mm round, tube or combination crimps

Duckbill Pliers



Ideal for holding, flattening & bending wire and sheet metal

Europower Metal Hole Punch Plier Kit



Punch 7 different large sized round holes in metal

Europunch Metal ~ Leather Hole Punch Plier x Round 1.5mm



Punches 1.5mm round holes into metal or leather

Eurotool Multi-Size Wire Looping Pliers



Make a variety of loops ranging from 2mm to 9mm

Four In One Beaders Delight Plier



A must for wire wrappers

Impressart Bracelet Bending Pliers



Shape bracelets and make curves in metal

Loop Closing Pliers



For holding and closing jump rings, small loops

Nylon Jaw Coiling Plier - Round And Flat Nose



Use to loop, coil & shape wire and sheet metal

Replacement Pins W/2 Nuts For Europunch Metal Hole Punch Plier x Round 1.25mm

From  $2.60


Replacement Pins for EuroPunch Metal Hole Punch Plier x Round 1.25mm - SKU18105