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Incorporate the Crystal Sun Disc into your home decor

Crystal Sun Disc - No Hole

Colour:  Crystal AB
Size:  45mm

Introducing our exquisite 45mm Crystal Sun Disc, a dazzling masterpiece that captures the essence of the Aurora Borealis in every facet. This mesmerizing disc is crafted with precision, featuring a shimmering play of colours that mimic the enchanting natural phenomenon.

While the Crystal Sun Disc may lack a traditional hole for threading, its design opens up a world of creative possibilities. Embrace your imagination and explore alternative ways to showcase this radiant piece. Consider using a glue-on bail to elegantly suspend it from a chain, transforming it into a stunning necklace that effortlessly complements any outfit.

For a touch of sophistication, incorporate the Crystal Sun Disc into your home decor. Place it on a decorative dish or stand to catch and reflect ambient light, casting a kaleidoscope of colours throughout your space. Adorn your living area, bedroom, or office with this unique crystal, turning any environment into a haven of celestial beauty.

Enhance your crafting projects by incorporating the Crystal Sun Disc as a centrepiece. Embed it in resin creations, or affix it onto surfaces to add a touch of celestial allure to your designs. Its versatile application allows you to infuse a celestial touch into various artistic endeavours.

Whether worn as a pendant, displayed as a decorative piece, or integrated into your creative projects, the 45mm Crystal Sun Disc is a radiant embodiment of elegance and wonder. Elevate your personal style and artistic expression with this stunning crystal pendant, a timeless accessory that captivates and inspires.


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