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Rhinestone Tools

Tools for applying Crystal Rhinestones to evening gowns, dance costumes, and more, including the
Crystal Hotfix Applicators, Jewel Setters plus more.
See our guide on How to Apply Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones

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For picking up items which are too small to lift and place with your fingers

Product Code: SKU23069
Price: $58.95 including GST

The ultimate tool for picking up and placing tiny objects with pinpoint control

Product Code: SKU22719
Price: $12.95 including GST

Pickup rhinestones, paper pieces, beads and more with this tacky placement tool

Product Code: SKU22298
Price: $16.95 including GST

Features an angled fine tip tweezer on one end with a knotting tool on the other

Product Code: SKU22219
Price: $18.95 including GST

Features an angled fine tip tweezer on one end and a bead reamer on the other

Product Code: SKU22218
Price: $18.95 including GST

With Spotlight - Battery operated. For use with Flatback Hotfix Crystals - Sizes SS12 - SS20 (3.2 - 4.9mm)

Product Code: SKU21680
Price: $59.95 including GST

Apply Hotfix Crystals, Pearls, Nailheads and Rhinestone Studs to embellish clothing, costumes, evening wear, bridal dresses and more!

Product Code: SKU17879
Price: $49.95 including GST

Pick up and place jewels quickly and easily

Product Code: SKU17878
Price: $5.60 including GST

Pick up small and difficult to handle items without fumbling with tweezers

Product Code: SKU17877
Price: $19.95 including GST

Flips Flat Back Stones just like Magic!

Product Code: SKU17876
Price: $9.90 including GST
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