Swarovski Crystal Specialty Coatings - Effects

One of the many superior qualities that make Swarovski so unique in the crystal manufacturing marketplace,
is their distinctive coatings/effects on their Beads and Pendants.
By effects, we mean the finishing of the stone by way of a vacuum coating process.
Through precision cutting techniques,
Swarovski Crystals are manufactured to sheer perfection, resulting in a magnificent sparkle.

Below, is a brief guide explaining the various Swarovski Crystal Specialty Coatings / Effects:

Surface Effects:

When 2X is added at the end of the colour name, it signifies that the coating has been applied to the
entire surface of the bead. 
As the name states, 2X, means "2 times" because most coatings are only applied to
one half (one side) of a bead or pendant.

AB - Aurora Boreale
This is the normal vacuum coating process applied to the top half of the stone. 
The base crystal colour with the AB coating was applied to half of the Bead / Pendant, resulting in the rainbow effect.
The AB  coating can shimmer anything from yellow, to blue or pink.
This finish takes its name after the Latin word for gold. It is made from real gold, and it looks like gold. 
This is a more expensive finish because of the gold content.

CAL - Comet Argent Light A bright silver finish, creating a mirror-like effect.
It makes the crystal look like a sterling silver bead that does not tarnish. In some instances,
it is applied to half of the bead/pendant, also known as 2X,
so it glows the silver veneer and the remainder takes on the colour of the crystal itself.

Cosmojet This is a special coating that makes it possible to blacken certain parts of the beads' surface. 

This finish has a bronze appearance.  It's not transparent. 

Glacier Blue Has a cobalt blue appearance on its surface and when viewed through a clear crystal.

Satin (also known as Hematite) The characteristic of satin is the extra sheen it gives to the Pendant.
It's a smokey, grey coating that adds a soft glaze & deepens the colour of the crystal.

Metallic Blue
A rich deep blue metallic coating is usually applied to one-half of the bead or pendant.

Very similar to the Aurora Borealis (AB) effect, it appears to transmit the colour of the garment on which it is worn.


Translucent Effects:

A special vacuum coating process is applied to the back of the bead/pendant & visible through the crystal. 
The following effects fall under this category:

Bermuda Blue
When viewed through the clear crystal, it takes on a deep blue tone.  When applied to the surface of the bead, it shimmers a navy blue.

When viewed through the clear crystal, it takes on a deep purple & green appearance. 
When applied to the surface of a bead, it has a dull grey & brown tone.

Meridian Blue
The silvery finish on the outside with overtones of baby blue.  Throughout the bead, it shimmers a light blue with green overtones.

A dark, mellow, golden copper finish.

Vitrail Medium & Vitrail Light
These coatings radiate different colours, depending on how the light hits the surface of the finish.
It varies in depth from strong to light red and green tones.

Silvery on the outside, but when viewed through the clear crystal, it takes on strong purple & red tones.