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One side removes tarnish while leaving a slight residue that inhibits further tarnish, the other side removes excess chemicals

Double Brilliant Jewellery Polishing Cloth

Size:  6" x 7"

This double cloth features one side impregnated with a harmless chemical that removes tarnish while leaving a slight residue that inhibits further tarnish.
The other side is not impregnated so the user can clean the excess chemical from the piece if desired.
This cloth accomplishes the same objective as combination cloth with rouge but without leaving the mess on the user’s hands that rouge does.
Handy and durable the Double Brilliant Cloth makes polishing and clean up easy.

  • Will clean & polish gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals without effort, giving a brilliant and lasting shine.
  • The cloth leaves an undetectable residue which inhibits tarnish.
  • Made from 100% long strand Egyptian cotton.
  • Do not wash - use until completely soiled.
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic


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