Wire Crinkler Tool - Shape and Bend Wire Into Perfect Crinkle Patterns

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Wire Crinkler Tool - Shape & Bend Wire into Perfect Crinkle Patterns

Wire Crinkler Tool

Shaping and bending wire into perfectly crinkled patterns is so easy when you use this handy tool!
Shapes wire to a pointed style or a rounded style.
Simply feed your wire through the guide then turn the crank!
The gears are interchangeable allowing you to make both pointed and rounded crinkles.
Designed for use soft-temper wire in gauge 20 and smaller.
The dimensions of the tool itself are 2" x 2-5/8" x 3/4" (50mm x 66mm x 19mm)

Each package contains one Crinkler Tool and four gears (two for each style)

View a video demonstration to see the Wire Crinkler Tool in action.


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